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This site is dedicated to those of us who prefer or need to do it ourselves.  Whether “it” is a minor broken “something” or a major, large-scale project, we take tool(s) to hand and take care of it.  Of course, this has its inherent difficulties.  Sometimes we’re not real sure what we’re getting into, or just how to go about it. (Me, often.)  Sometimes the problem escalates in scope, adding layer upon layer of steps uncovered as we delve into the job (Have I ever been here before–also often!)  Sometimes we find we don’t have the tools, equipment, parts or supplies the job requires.  Whichever of these pervades the particular project you’re doing today or are going to start tomorrow, I hope to make this site a location for help and the solution(s), and maybe some fun along the way.

Jim Ahler  (651) 457-1314   http://www.fixitaides.com



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