[Here’s the place to find neat, clever, and useful projects to try. If you have one you’d like to suggest, please do. Don’t forget to give your name &/or contact info, so interested people can find out more if they want.]

Cindy’s daughter’s boyfriend’s (3 possessives in a row!) project is worth showing. They’ve dubbed it “Pat and Kat’s Afternoon Saloon.” Pat has turned his shed into a combination tool storage and bar.  Start with one wood frame backyard shed.  First find a way to store tools that minimizes the required space to do so.  Pat’s solution: moveable walls of a sort. Three wood frames with a hardboard cover, crossbars, and hangers, hinged to the wall of the shed , one in front of the other, and with a roller on the bottom of the non-hinge edge.  Here are some pictures.

The tool panels are about 1/2 of the width of the back wall. The other half is shelves covered by a burlap curtain, so all his tools are stored in the back 3 feet of the shed. This left about 8 feet of the shed with nothing in it.

That didn’t last long.  Pat cut a window-sized hole in the shed side, but instead of a window, he fashioned a closable “awning” covered in corrugated fiberglass panels. Notice the chains; they attached to a closable bar that pulls up before the awning is closed.  This combination should make it virtually weatherproof.  A small deck provides comfortable seating for four, with standing room to bear.20160904_140533 1

There’s more. Inside is the full, though small, bar, complete with metal “wet shelf” for the opened liquor bottles, a cabinet for storage and open shelf for a cooler.

20160904_13590420160904_140124 1


Add wall decorations, make a few adjustments, and…..


it’s party time!!  Obviously, it works fine. A job well done.

20160904_173042 (2)Pat can be reached at Semlak Plumbing, (651) 770-4816.

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