This page will contain information useful to the DIYer about meetings, clinics, education, etc.  These are arranged with the most recent on top.

Oct. 15, 2016   FIX-IT CLINIC

“Learn how to repair everything from a broken vac to a ripped sweater at this Fix-It Clinic from noon-3PM at Rambling River Center, 325 Oak St., Farmington, MN.

Here’s more information from the Dakota County website.

“A real fixer upper

County residents can receive free assistance from repair-savvy volunteers guiding them through each step, from troubleshooting to a complete repair, at a Fix-It Clinic held Saturday, June 18 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Galaxie Library, 14955 Galaxie Ave. in Apple Valley.

Residents can bring up to five items that need fixing or mending. Common items brought to clinics are lamps, vacuums and clothes.

Fix-It Clinics help reduce unnecessary trash sent to landfills and empower individuals by teaching troubleshooting and repair skills. Clinics are coordinated by volunteers through a Community POWER grant with assistance from Dakota County.

Residents interested in volunteering can sign up through Karen Asmundson or 651-242-2655. For future dates and more information, visit the Fix-It Clinic page.”


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